Swedish Mounted Dragoons part 1


I’ve bought my first models in 15mm scale :)

I chose a starter box to By Fire and Sword system by Polish Wargamer.The set SWE-12: SWEDISH SKIRMISH SET contains a total of 40 models. 

  • swe-12

For starters, let’s take a look at the MOUNTED DRAGOONS.

We’ve got 12 models of horses and the same number of riders, to be placed on a total of 4 bases, 3 on each. By the rules of OiM ( By Fire and Sword ) these will represent a company of 200 soldiers. The casts are pretty neat :). The kit also includes the right amount of plastic stands but I’ve decided to put all squads on custom 3mm HDF bases.

So far I’ve carefully cleaned the horse models of redundant metal and filled all the gaps with green stuff. After polishing it I split them into trios that will go onto the bases (there are a couple of patterns so we can go crazy :) )

  • swedish_mounted_dragoons_prev_01

The figures were glued to temporary stands made of bottle plugs to facilitate easy access while painting. Because of the scale, I will paint the horses and the riders separately for precision and only after that I will assemble everything together. 

  • swedish_mounted_dragoons_prev_02
  • swedish_mounted_dragoons_prev_03

I put Vallejo’s black undercoat on the models already and now they’re ready for some proper brush.



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