Workshop : The Tomb part 2

Hell - o

My work on the diorama is slowly progressing, Last weekend I rebuilt the main part of the tomb. I tried to utilize as many old bricks as possible.

  • the_tomb_prev_05
  • the_tomb_prev_06

It turns out that the most time consuming element was the roof. I’ve salvaged 60%  of the old roof tiles, cast new elements and glued everything together on a piece of cardboard.

  • the_tomb_prev_07
  • the_tomb_prev_08

After putting everything together I have finished the main structure of the tomb. As you can see in the pictures, the whole structure is longer than its predecessor :).

  • the_tomb_prev_09
  • the_tomb_prev_10

Now I need to work with the base element – add a few ornaments and form the whole terrain. For now, I have placed four statues on the base which I bought a long time ago as stand-alone ornaments for games. After all the work done today the elements looks like this:

  • the_tomb_prev_11
  • the_tomb_prev_12
  • the_tomb_prev_13
  • the_tomb_prev_14

see you soon


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